Choose childrens quilts for children's room

Children's quilts

At the time of To choose textiles For the children's room we have many possibilities. Today there are textiles designed for them, cushions with fun shapes, colorful fabrics, sympathetic prints and many other ideas. One of the items that we find most versatile for your bed are the children's quilts.

These Children's quilts Can be used in times of rest and have them always at hand. Do not confuse them with the Nordic, who wears a Nordic sheath. Quilts today are quite light and are used for those times when it is neither cold nor hot. So we can go looking for a quilt for children that is perfect for your bed among the many possibilities that are presented to us.

Why Choose Children's Comforters

Children's comforters 1

It is true that with the arrival of the Norse and their beautiful covers, children's quilts have been left in the background. Do not confuse both, since the Nordic is a like a quilt quilted, but that has covers of remove and pon. Quilts today are Thinner and lighter , Which is why they can be a great substitute for those winter covers.

One of the great advantages of choosing children's quilts is that they are the Ideal piece for the half-time . Those days where it still does something cool during the nights, but not so much to use the Nordic. Spring and even summer are the perfect time to use comforters. And they even serve during the winter, to complement the Nordic if it is very cold. In short it is a piece that is being revalued again in decoration, and they are very versatile.

Where you can buy children's quilts

Blue Duvets

Children's textile stores have these children's quilts, as they are returning to trend. They are pieces that are put easily, are also washed very easy and serve us throughout the year. In stores like Zara Home in its children section there are many proposals. We can also go to large stores or have stores like Ikea. In the online stores You can find very good prices and lots of models and proposals for children's bed. In places like Amazon there are cheap duvets and many different providers. It is a question of looking for different places to buy, compare prices and also opinions of other users, although signatures like Zara Home do not disappoint in quality.

Children's quilts in basic tones

Duvets in basic tones

If we are going to decorate the children's room, the simplest thing for those who do not want to complicate life with the quilts is Choose those that have basic tones . In this case we see a pink or peach tone that is perfect for the summer months. A soft tone that combines with white tones and a colorful carpet. There are also other colors for which we can bet as white, beige, gray or navy. The smooth tones in this case are also easier than if we chose quilts with various patterns.

Printed Children's Duvets

Printed duvets

Here we are choosing something more complicated to combine, but if we like the effect we should not let it happen. There are Many prints that are worn , From flowers to polka dots or stars and stripes. There are endless proposals and the good thing today is that they are trend blends of prints. That is, we can put together a sheet of polka dots with a striped comforter and vice versa, without the effect being rare. Of course, you have to look for tones that combine well.

Children's themed quilt

Childrens Quilts

If the children are followers of a movie or a Cartoon character , Sure that you will like all you have to see are your favorite characters. At present there are all sorts of things to decorate with characters like the protagonists of Frozen or the best known Disney. It's easy to find them in online stores, so if we know that children are excited about something like that, we can buy a children's character quilt.

Comforters for cribs

Quilts for cribs

There are also small ones Quilts for cribs . When children grow up and use the crib as a bed, it is time to use these little quilts. Their designs tend to be delicate, with flowers and pastel shades, very much in keeping with the decor of the baby rooms. They are very practical for these cribs and there are adjustable or not.

How to combine children's quilts with the bedroom

Duvets in the nursery

One of the problems that we face when we buy children's quilts is to know Combine them with the rest of the room . Sometimes we find stores where there are other items for sale, such as carpets or curtains. However, if this is not so, we will simply have to focus on the comforter tones to combine with these other elements. And to make it easier, it is better to choose basic tones.

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