Choose beautiful lamps for bedrooms

Lamps for bedrooms

Lighting is always a key issue in any room, and sometimes we do not give it the importance it really deserves. In the bedrooms there are many different ideas when including this lighting, so we are going to give you some inspiration. Choose beautiful lamps for bedrooms has more options than we believe.

Whether it is a juvenile, children's or adult's bedroom, the Perfect lamp will be waiting for you . Follow the latest trends or choose something classic, that only depends on the tastes of each person and the style of the room in question.

Classic bedroom lamps

Classic bedroom

We start with the usual lamps, those classic lamps that do not go out of style for its classic style and its simplicity. If we want something that is well integrated and that we do not have to change according to the trends, then we just have to get a lamp that is that simple, with basic shapes and tones.

Wicker lamps

Wicker lamps

This is a trend that we love, and that is that the wicker has gone from being vulgar and outdated to being the most interesting for decoration with natural touches. As we can find baskets, beds, rugs and wicker chairs, we will also find some pretty wicker lamps for our home. The Nordic style is one of the most used by this natural material, since it offers warmth in its white spaces. Combined with plants and soft tones you have a very modern and relaxing bedroom.

Modern style lamps

Modern style

You can not miss the most modern design ideas . And among the lamps there are also very current ideas for the home. A tendency that we see in the lamps is to hang them on the sides of the headboard, as framing the bed. These lamps will give a dim light so we will have to combine them with others inside the bedroom to not be short of light.

Hanging lamps

Nordic bedrooms

Among the ideas to add lamps are Focus type lamps , which are also very fashionable. We must think about the height at which we must put them so that they do not bother us. Next to the headboard they put more casualties because they are stuck to the wall and do not hinder the passage. Industrial style bulbs are very popular nowadays and also give enough light, so they are a good choice for any space. It is also possible to find spotlights in white tones and other colors, in materials such as metal and even in plastic, in low cost mode.

Industrial style lamps

Copper lamps

We continue with the ideas of industrial style. These spotlights can also be found with copper tones, They are very sought after and look great with shades like pale pink and light gray. This type of lamps take all the prominence within the room, but certainly give a modern and sophisticated touch that other models do not have.


Elegant chandeliers

The Chandeliers are a classic element very elegant spaces, but have been recovered to give a special touch to bedrooms that are bohemian, modern or classic. We find many versions of these spiders in stores, from those that are totally black to silver, glass or colored. They always give a sophisticated and traditional touch to any bedroom.

Low cost lamps

Low cost bedrooms

Facing the expensive chandeliers we find low cost ideas for all tastes . Lamps in materials such as paper or fabric have become easy resources for places like children's bedrooms, where we know we will be changing the decoration little by little.

Origami lamps

Origami lamps

The origami lamps they have become one of the elements of the Nordic spaces, which are also surprising. Not all are paper, but even if they are they become the center of all eyes with that original and special design, in addition to the beautiful colors they have, from mint green to yellow. These are lamps that are also often used in children's bedrooms because children look nice, colorful and fun.

Feather lamps

Feather lamps

Feather lamps are another example of the trends we find today to add these elements in the bedrooms. These lamps are elegant and original , in addition to fun. They are quite striking, so it is better that the bedroom has a simple decoration. Over time the lamps have become very important pieces in the decoration and these so indicate, with large sizes and feathers to give a romantic and special touch.

Lamps for bedside tables

Lamps for tables

Do not forget that among the lamps in the bedroom we have the ones that add on the bedside table . These lamps tend to match the style and elements of the room and be simple, with a nice foot and a screen that lets light in.