Children's tipi, a fun element to decorate and play

Tipis for children

If you have not heard of the infantile tipi as part of the decoration for children, is that you need to improve your inspiration. The tipis imitate Indian tents and have become a fun trend for children's rooms. Is that in addition to decorating we serve to create spaces for play and rest with very little.

The children's tepee has become a perfect piece for children to play, but also to add a special touch to the children. children's rooms or their playgrounds . Because the tipis do not come alone, and there is a whole world of accessories to dress them and create a unique children's corner.

Children's tipi in the bedroom

Children's room with tipi

One of the first places where we are going to put the tipi is in the children's bedroom. This tipi can serve them to have a corner in which let the imagination fly , but it is also perfect to create a reading area where they feel comfortable. The best thing about these teepees is that they are lightweight and we can change them or store them easily, so they are very practical. Do not forget to put a blanket and cushions to make it much more comfortable.

Children's tipi in the playroom

Tipi for children

This is the other place where we will put these children's tepees. The game rooms lend themselves to the versatility provided by a great tipi. In the game rooms they serve to have differentiated corners. The writing table, a carpet to play on the floor and the tipi to read or rest.

Decoration for the tipi

Tipis decorated

Although these baby tepees are sold with very funny fabrics and sometimes have embroidered details, we will also have to put some decorative touch so that they combine with everything and are much more welcoming and attractive for children to play. A few blankets of hair, cushions of colors or with forms, garlands to give to everything a festive air and some feather if we want to put the Indian touch to everything. There are many ideas available, we can even add a nice garland of lights to illuminate this space at night.

Tipi in Nordic style

Nordic children's Tipis

These tepees appear in many Nordic style environments for children , and despite using white, black or gray, create really beautiful spaces. The secret lies in the mixture of prints and details. A tipi of stripes, cushions of clouds, a dream catcher of cloth or blankets with two-color prints. The Scandinavian style is never boring.

Tipi in bohemian room

Tipis in bohemian rooms

These teepees are also suitable for the most bohemian children's rooms . Coo we can also decorate them with whatever we want it is possible to mix it with the boho atmosphere with a nice vintage rug, with fabrics and garlands. It is an element that also combines with that carefree and nomadic life typical of the Bohemians.

Natural style tipi

Simple style types

We really liked the natural decoration with the tipis. Earth tones, white and wood is what is needed, without complicating too much. In many of these rooms are inspired by the forest to give a more authentic touch to the tipi, as if it really were in a natural environment. There is wallpaper with woods and trees to add to the nursery. They will feel as if they were real adventurers in unknown lands and will enjoy playing in this original space.

Tipi tent


The typical children's teepees are those that imitate the tents of the Indians. They are made with several sticks that are arranged in a more or less circular and covered with fabrics. But there are also other shelters for children that are similar and that they mimic tents . It is a variation of the tipi, although in essence they are the same. A space for them to play and have a rest area or in which to read quietly. These structures are also collected and stored very easily, so they are another option to consider.

Tipis for the outside

Tipis for the outside

These tipis are really versatile and we can take advantage of them when the good weather comes. It is a good way to put a protected space in the garden area, to play or just rest outdoors. The tipis are also moved outside the house to fill the world of children with hours of fun. We will simply need a good blanket to put on the bottom, some cushions and we will have the perfect playground in the garden area.

Combined textiles

Tipis with combined textiles

On many occasions these Children's tepees combine with textiles in similar tones to create the perfect atmosphere. If the tipi has any color look for similar tones, whether pastel, pink or blue, because the whole can be as good as these tepees that we show you. Grace is in the details we choose.