Chest of drawers to keep your home in order

Chests of drawers-front

The drawers adapt to you, to your space. Whether in the hall, the bedroom, the kitchen or the office, the drawers offer you a Extra storage space Always necessary. They become a tool to keep order in these rooms, making it easy to find everything you need.

Stationery, office documents and supplies, fashion accessories... the drawers allow us to have documents and other objects sorted. Further, Bring style and personality To the room. Made of wood, metal or plastic, among other materials, we offer endless possibilities.

Materials and styles

The drawers can be made of different materials, however, they are Wood and metal The most common. Each one of them adds a style to the furniture that we then move to the room. The natural wooden chest of drawers, for example, give an elegant and rustic touch to reception rooms, bedrooms and offices.

Wooden chests of drawers

We can also find designs aged in pastel shades. These bring romanticism to the stays and vintage character. More modern, however, are the wooden chest of drawers Lacquered in white . Those with simple and minimalist designs are the favorites for decorating contemporary bedrooms and dressing rooms.

The metal drawers, however, are the most suitable to give the decoration a Industrial touch. In black or gray, it is customary to find an industrial-style loft, youth bedrooms and / or offices. The most fun, those in bright colors, are usually reserved for children's bedrooms and creative stays.

Colored chests of drawers

Decorate with drawers

The drawers They adapt to us , To our needs. The variety of designs makes it possible to adapt them to any space where we create can be useful us. We can use drawers to keep both keys and correspondence in the hall, to sort documents and work material in the office or study, or to store clothes in the bedroom or dressing room among other uses.

Chests of drawers in the hall

The drawers in the hall are very practical. We can Leave the keys In some of its drawers and use the rest to organize accessories such as scarves, gloves, handkerchiefs... In addition we can incorporate decorative elements on this to make the entrance to our home more pleasant. A vase with cut flowers, a lamp, a clock... are good choices.

Chests of drawers in the hall

Chests of drawers in the bedroom

Chests of drawers and drawers usually work as extra storage space in the bedroom or dressing room. When the space of the Closet is insufficient, They provide us with a place to organize the changes, t-shirts and accessories. They are usually placed on the wall in front of the bed; But can also be used in large bedrooms to separate different environments such as headboard or footboard.

Chests of drawers in the bedroom

Chest of drawers in the kitchen

Although it is not frequent to find drawers in kitchens today, this element is essential for those looking for a Provencal environment . Proven├žal kitchens are generally decorated with wooden and / or iron furniture with a rustic white air and usually have a work area in which is also stored the dishes in which this type of cupboards are very practical.

Chest of drawers in the kitchen

Chests of drawers in offices or studios

Whether in an office or in a youth study area or in a creative studio, the drawers become great allies. Those who Have wheels Are favorites to complete a work or study area, for your convenience. In a creative study, the volume of material is usually higher and it is customary to find drawers creating large work surfaces.

Chests of drawers in the office or study

How to Buy a Chest of Drawers

When buying a chest of drawers there are things you can not ignore if you want it to be practical once installed in your home. It is risky to buy a piece of furniture without knowing Where is it going to be placed And what are the measurements of space. It is also important to analyze our storage needs so that we can assess what type of drawer we need.

So important is the size of the furniture as a whole as each of the drawers. In the office we will be interested in that the drawers have a size large enough to fit a DIN A4 sheet. In the bedroom a drawer with Drawers of different sizes Can be very useful. We do not need the same space to store T-shirts as to store fashion accessories: handkerchiefs, sunglasses, necklaces or bracelets.

Once we have clear the practical characteristics that the drawer should have, we must determine if there is any Aesthetic limitation . The striking colors can give a very original touch to a room, but depending on the type of decoration, more classic tones such as gray, black or white may be more appropriate. It is clear that we want to contribute, without a doubt, to make our purchase more responsible.

As you can see there are many decorative options of the drawers. They are practical in many corners of our home.

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