Chandelier in home decoration

Living room with chandelier

The Chandelier is a very elegant and sophisticated element which is perfect for any space, since it can be adapted to almost any style adding a chic touch even to the most rustic environments. Although years ago they were a Rococo element and too heavy with the minimalism of the 90s, the truth is that they have become fashionable again with the vintage trend.

Today we can see hundreds of models in chandeliers , from the most classic to more modern ones in colors or in total black. With this large number of designs it is easy to find a lamp that suits the style that prevails in your home.

Vintage style for lamps

Vintage style

If these chandeliers are married with any style, it is with the vintage, that old-fashioned style with a certain decadent air highlights even more the beauty of these ancient lamps . We see classic environments with vintage furniture where the lamp blends perfectly. It is also a good idea to create contrasts, which in this case are given by wooden furniture with a more rustic appearance and little care, compared to the elegance of the lamp.

Modern environments

Lamps in modern environments

Modern environments have dared to add Chandeliers to bring a touch more chic . These very modern spaces are always enriched and are much more interesting when we add a touch in another completely different style, like the beautiful chandeliers. They will become the center of attention in these spaces, since they break completely with the furniture in basic forms.

Chandeliers in the bathroom

Bathrooms with chandeliers

In the bathroom area we can also create chic and elegant environments . This type of lamps go very well with vintage bathrooms where there are also free-standing bathtubs, vintage taps and other details in this style that combine with the great lamp. However, nobody said that we could not add a lamp of this type in a modern bathroom with shower, creating an interesting contrast of styles that nowadays also takes a lot. The effect is to add elegance and sophistication while maintaining the modern style.

Chandelier for the kitchen

Modern kitchen

Although it is not so usual to see a chandelier in such a functional place As it is a kitchen, the truth is that it can also be added, and it is equally elegant. In this kitchen they have placed it on the dining area, which is modern, small and simple, but which adds a lot of sophistication with the flowers and lamps. It is also a good position to put it in the center of the kitchen to provide a general light, but at a height where it is comfortable to move and work in the kitchen.

Black lamps

Black chandeliers

Among the most current lamps we can find those that are a nice black color. These are very elegant, in a pretty gothic style that can be the center of attention in any stay. Here we see them in a bathroom, matching the furniture and the black mirror. In the kitchen of blue tones it stands out completely. Without this lamp it would be a simpler and even classic kitchen. As for the bedroom, it combines perfectly with that pretty vintage bed in simple shapes. And since black combines with everything, we can put it wherever we want.

Colored lamps

Colorful chandeliers

The colored lamps they are even more surprising and novel. They are inspired by the chandeliers of a lifetime but add a lot of color to the spaces, being a more modern version of this type of lamps. It is an ideal element for spaces lacking color where we only use basic tones, because this will become the center of attention.

Lamps in children's spaces

Children spaces

In the children's spaces are usually looking for simple furniture and things that give off a childish air, where you do not usually think of chandeliers. If the child's room has a vintage style it is easy to choose the chandelier to combine it with the whole environment, but if it is modern, we may have to look for a lamp with an informal appearance. Colored lamps can be a good choice, or a lamp that is small, because too large lamps can be excessive for a child's room.

Weddings with chandeliers

Wedding decoration

If you want a wedding in which there is elegance and a totally romantic decoration , you can add among the essentials the great chandeliers. Although it is not about home, we have not been able to avoid adding this inspiration, because we believe that the effect of the lamps on these spaces prepared for the banquet is incredible. You have to pay attention to the mix of lamp designs, with vintage touches and more modern models, placed at different heights.