Bedrooms with vintage touches from the 50's

Vintage bedrooms with antique furniture

The Vintage air They are very fashionable, and it is they rescue furniture from yesteryear, they have a lot of charm and a great story behind has become something we see daily. The 50's were that golden era where functional furniture was created for the home, so it is fine to come back to them by renovating them.

Today we will show you a few bedrooms that are modern and modern, but have that Little vintage touch of the fifties . Whether it's a lamp, a mirror or a piece of furniture that reminds us of this style of mid-century American homes. Of course, blends are allowed.

Vintage bedrooms with geometric touches

The Geometric prints Were fashionable in the 50's, and now they are again a trend. So if you like that idea with geometric shapes, do not hesitate to include it in your bedroom with simple furniture. It will bring a special touch, much grace in furniture that were simple and straight lines.

Vintage bedrooms with lamps

In these decorations we also remember the many furniture and design details that emerged during the 50's. Lamps that were considered modern And futuristic now are totally vintage, in metal and with unusual shapes. Of course they add a lot of personality to the room.

Vintage bedrooms with antique chest of drawers

These Chests of drawers and furniture of basic lines Were very fashionable, and today can be used again to give a great charm to the environment. Of course you have to combine it with an armchair like the Egg chair or those landmarks of the design of those times, which will make the bedroom has the same type of style.

Vintage bedrooms with mixtures

The Carpets and other details Can also add a lot to this style. They have included a rug with geometric touches, but it also has something ethnic, so we prove that the mixtures are always fun and special.

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