Bedrooms with concrete roof

Bedrooms with concrete roof

He Concrete or concrete Has become a trend material in new constructions. It has gained presence both indoors As outdoor , Achieving position as a reference material in industrial-style environments, combined with other materials such as wood or ceramics.

A concrete or concrete ceiling prints to the bedroom Certain unfinished air ; Especially when the air ducts or heating are exposed. To compensate for that"cold"aspect of the concrete is, however, simple; It is enough to bet on wood floors and / or warm carpets as in the following images.

Possessing a certain timelessness, concrete today is attractive enough to be part of interior spaces, as an object of decoration. It works in different finishes, being the Prefabricated concrete slabs The most used to finish ceilings.

Bedrooms with concrete roof 1

By their weight they can be manipulated and installed manually, providing a greater cleaning than the current traditional systems and being also more economical to require a lower labor. Walls in gray or white and wooden floors Will complete a harmonious base to create the bedroom.

Bedrooms with concrete roof 2

Neutral tones; White, gray and roasted, are the most common to decorate this type. You can also bet on a more daring combination like the black and pink fuchsia; A great proposal from my point of view to achieve a Modern bedroom, Ideal for a young couple.

We can achieve a nice contrast by combining the Concrete ceiling and walls With modern and sophisticated design elements, inspired by others of classic style. The minimalist tendency of an era with the greatness and sophistication of another. Or opt for a minimal style and a"hotel room", more impersonal and cold.

If, like concrete or concrete, every day I hook you up, this is a good way to Experiment with this material In your home.

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