Bed plaid, what is it and ideas to use it

Plaid in bed

The bed plaid is nothing more than a blanket that is placed at the foot of the bed and that can be used in many ways. When choosing it we can search between different fabrics, prints and finishes, to get the most suitable bed plaid for our decoration.

These plaid are used in many other sites , because they are usually large blankets that are very useful in places like the reading space or in the living room, so we also see them on sofas. In short it is an auxiliary blanket that we can have close and that fulfills the function of giving us warmth when necessary and contributing to the decoration.

Plaid in basic tones

Plaid in basic tones

The plaid for the bed should combine well with the rest of the textiles and with the decoration. As we use it constantly, the best option is usually to choose basic tones. A gray, a navy blue, white, black or brown are basic and can easily be combined with a printed duvet cover or other shades. Anyway, we can always have more than one plaid to combine with the different bedding we have. Although the basic tones are very good, there is a whole world of plaids to discover to decorate the bedroom.

Overlaid bed plaid


A trend when it comes to decorating the beds with textiles are the overlays in different materials, textures, colors or patterns. The mixes are certainly fashionable and in this case we can mix plaids, sheets and also cushions, for an ideal set. The important thing is to choose similar tones. It's easy to choose vivid tones or pastel shades and focus on them.

Natural style

Thick knit plaid

If your thing is knitting, you may be able to make a plaid look natural for your bed. It takes much the point, but you can also add a crochet and especially the most natural tones for an environment that is pleasant and cozy, the best for a space in which you look for rest. In these rooms we see light and pastel tones, which are also a trend today.

Thick point

Natural plaid

The Very thick knit plaids They are fashionable and certainly give a very nice touch to the room. They have a lot of personality and are really colorful, drawing attention above the sheets and covers in the bed. And that's not to mention the heat that a textile like this can provide.

Nordic style

Nordic style

If you like the Nordic style in your room , then you will have to look for plaids in this style. In the Scandinavian world pastel shades, white and above all very natural style, with broken white, beige and earth.

Plaid combined with cushions

Matching textiles

If you like things combined, you can make or buy a plaid that matches with some of the cushion covers in the bed. In this bedroom we see how they have combined them, but we must not go too far. It is okay to combine one of the cushions, but not all, otherwise it would be an excess. Finding the same pattern is a matter of buying the fabric or looking for the set in the decoration stores, which also exist.

Black and white

Blankets in black and white

Within the Nordic style is included that black and white trend , so here we have two good examples of how to choose a good plaid for a room of this style, which is also very simple. The pattern gives him some life without taking away the Scandinavian touch that he has so well. These prints are typical of the Scandinavian trend and are very fashionable, so they are ideal as a decorative element in the room. The rest is very simple, with white sheets and little color in the room.

Hair Plaid

Hair Plaid

If you like the trend of the Nordic you will surely love those blankets of hair that seem to look good in any corner in the winter season. Like thick knit blankets, these large hair plaids are ideal for create a Nordic, natural and above all warm atmosphere and welcoming. It is also possible to find these blankets in shades ranging from white to gray or black. They are decorative in the bed, in a chair or in the lounge chair, so they are a great investment.

Rustic plaid

Rustic plaid

If at home you have a rustic style or you want to give an air of warmth to the room, choose a plaid with this style. The pictures do not go out of style for give everything a winter and mountain touch , so it can be a good choice in the change of season. In addition, warm colors always help create a good atmosphere. In this case they have also combined the plaid with beautiful cushions.