Bed linen Maison de Vacances

Vacation Specials

The catalog"The ultimate deluxe 2015"from Vacation Specials Is very inspiring. Founded in 1995, the French firm dresses our house with a very personal style; Following the new trends and betting on new and daring designs. Do you want to know more about Maison de Vacances?

Directed by Enmanuelle Fouks and Nicolas Mauriac, Maison de Vacances offers us a world of possibilities to decorate the living room and / or bedroom. The linens Acquires a great protagonism in its new catalog opting for soft and / or metallic tonalities. Here are some examples!

Maison de Vacances bet strongly on two trends facing the next year. His most classic side leads him to combine white with others Soft tones like roses, Blue and gray. A proposal with which the risks of error disappear. If you want to tread safely, this is your proposal.

Maison de Vacances 1

I especially like the proposals of the first image. They highlight in the set the Jacquard bedspreads and cushions In blue and tan tones. Nor do they go unnoticed by the different textures of white and pink bedding that dresses the rustic style bed.

Maison de Vacances 2

If you are looking for a more daring proposal, you will like quilts and Vibrant color cushions And / or metallic. Yellow is one of the reference colors for the signature in this sense. You can find in the catalog classic combinations of white sheets and yellow and black cushions.

If you want to go a step further and do not panic you take risks, then try with ocher and yellow tones with Metallic texture. It is not a combination that a priori would choose and nevertheless seen in the spectacular room that shows us the signature, it does not disappoint.

Do you like the idea of ​​"flashes"? But you prefer something more sober? It combines white and soft silver tones like Maison de Vacances in its catalog. Which proposal do you like most of all?

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