Bathrooms with shower very practical for the home

The bathrooms with showers are very versatile at home for multiple reasons, and it is a choice that we can see in more and more houses. In addition, when choosing the shower we have a few different options that we can assess. That is why we will give you some inspiration to create truly practical bathrooms with showers for our home.

The bathrooms with showers are well-used spaces, and we also find Many types of showers available, from the most basic to whirlpool. We just have to assess the type of bathroom we have to choose the matching shower.

Advantages of the shower in the bathroom

Having a shower in the bathroom area can have great advantages. One of them is that shower takes less than the bathtub , so it is always the best option for bathrooms that have a small size. It will allow us to have a functional bathroom that is also more spacious, with room for other toilets and for a storage unit. On the other hand, showers are much more accessible in the case of having elderly people or children at home. They are safer because there is no risk of tripping when leaving the bathtub and older people have a place they can use with more autonomy. The only disadvantage that we can see to the showers is that the long foam baths are discarded.

Tiles for the shower

In the shower area, they are often used tiles to differentiate it from the other spaces . In this case we can choose tiles that draw attention in the area of ​​the shower, leaving the rest of the bathroom in a neutral, much simpler. In this way, although we have a shower at ground level with a continuous floor, we can differentiate it in the best way with these different tiles that will frame the shower. Usually smaller tiles are used, with colors and shapes, to the taste of each person.

Bathrooms with walk-in shower

These are the bathrooms that are most used today by their great comfort for the whole family . The bathrooms with a walk-in shower are easy to clean and use, so they are a great choice. Having a floor with the same tile, these showers go almost unnoticed and you can create minimalist and elegant bathrooms, really simple. In this case, the separation is made with a fixed glass partition that separates the shower from the rest of the bathroom so that the water does not reach other areas, but when using glass the bathroom still looks broad.

Bathrooms with dish shower

The toilets usually have showers with dishes , which are very economical. They have a dish that prevents the water from expanding and sometimes have curtains or screens, the latter being the most durable and usual. These dish showers only have the disadvantage that they are not as nice as those made at ground level, but they are cheaper when installing them.

Luxurious showers with hydromassage

If you want to have a shower but luxury, do not hesitate put a hydromassage cabin . These showers have to be a little wider, but with these cabins you can enjoy a place to relax with jets and other benefits. Without a doubt it is a space in which it is worth investing if we want to have a shower but without giving up the most relaxing part.

Modern bathrooms with shower

In general, modern bathrooms use the practical showers because these are very functional and you can add basic and minimalist models. This bathroom is modern but mixes rustic elements with those wooden walls. The shower is modern, with a glass panel and a very simple style in gray tones.

Bathrooms with shower in cabin

Although we have the walk-in showers and the dish showers, we also find showers that are spaces collected , with a special cabin. These showers are usually spacious, the typical showers in which a bench is added to sit and whirlpool jets. They are comfortable showers that can also be used to install a sauna. The disadvantage is that they take up considerably more than other types of showers. At the time of cleaning they also usually give more work, because you have to clean a whole cabin, but they are more intimate.

Minimalist bathrooms with shower

The showers almost always have a simple design, so they are a ideal choice for minimalist style bathrooms . This is a very basic and modern bathroom, with white tones in the tiles and an original shower that puts the warm touch with the wooden bench. In addition, they add a glass screen without added details to get a minimalist shower.