Bathrooms with exposed wooden beams

Wooden exposed beams in the bathroom

Leaving the building elements in sight has become a trend we see very often. It brings a special touch to the home, more rude and authentic, and can be seen in rustic and industrial style especially. This time we talked about the Wooden beams at sight . An element that stands out a lot and can also add a more beautiful touch to the environment.

In this case we refer to the bathrooms in which they have left these Beams as part of the decoration . The wood adds a lot of warmth, but also that touch of old, rustic and special house with unique elements. Of course, in an environment where there is usually moisture, the wood must be well treated so that it does not affect it.

Wooden beams with vintage bathtub

If you like the vintage style With some rustic touch, this is the perfect bathroom. The beams bring personality to the space, since they seem from those very old houses that have lived many things. That's why vintage is perfect for these bathrooms. Chairs of this style in antique wood, a wicker basket to store towels, and certainly those vintage bath tubs so beautiful that we can see in many spaces because they have a special and romantic charm.

Wooden exposed beams in rustic style

In these bathrooms you can also see a Clear rustic touch . This can be accentuated by adding other details, such as those brick walls and natural looking wood furniture. Also with a very simple style we will be right, as we see in that bathroom with cement floor, white tile and lots of wood.

Wooden beams in bathroom in the attic

The Penthouses are perfect To expose these beams, since they are places in which they are much more noticeable by the fall of the ceiling. As you can see, they are very natural, but we must add many white tones because they are usually spaces with less light than others.

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