Bathrooms with cement and style

Bathroom with industrial style cement

The air pipes, the Cement and stone or bricks at sight Have become a trend that exposes the building materials. It is something that was previously necessary to hide, but that in the current decoration trends has become something much cooler and cooler, much more natural.

This time we will focus on Great bathrooms with cement , Spaces that are quite minimalist and simple, ideal for those who want something simple. In this type of baths, shapes, design and fittings stand out, with the minimum details, so take all the inspiration you can if you are thinking of creating a bathroom so peculiar and original.

Bathroom with cement golden tones

Bathrooms in which there is cement May seem dark and cold , But that is why we must include warm tones such as yellow or gold. Including a golden faucet is the ideal complement, especially if it is vintage or minimalist style. You can always bring more warmth with white rugs of hair.

Bathroom with minimalist style cement

If there is something that stands out in the bathrooms that use cement in sight as material, it is that Minimalist appearance , Almost unfinished. That is why the elements should be minimal, not including tiles or other details, since the most important thing is that the space seems naked and very simple. As we say, a detail in little treated wood or pipes in sight can be good companions of this type of baths.

Bathroom with cement and wood

We see here Bathrooms in which they have included other elements So that they have a much warmer touch. A few touches of wood, much white or textiles to reduce that hardness of cement. The amount of this material depends on the style that we wish to have in the bathroom, since the more minimalistic the cement.

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