Bathrooms painted with a lot of color for the home

Painting for the bathroom

With the Nordic style the white color and the simple spaces have been imposed. However, it is true that there are many people who enjoy adding color to the home. That is why we will tell you about the painted toilets , baths of fun colors that we can all have in our home.

Currently it is possible paint the walls and also the tiles to give color to everything. Undoubtedly there are tones and shades to choose from, but we must also know how to combine everything with the toilets and bathroom details. We show you a little inspiration in case you have to change the decoration of the bathroom with paint.

Choose the colors for the bathroom

Bathrooms painted in colors

Choosing the colors for the bathroom is like choosing the tone for any other space. In general, we must focus on our tastes, on the style of our home and trends . There are many ideas available but the truth is that fresh tones related to water are very common to paint the bathroom. The toilets are usually white, so any tone is combinable with them and blue, lilac or green are perfect for bathrooms. If you want everything to look warmer you can lean towards shades like beige, yellow or orange. You also have to take into account the color of some furniture and bathroom accessories, although these can be purchased when we have the walls painted.

How to paint the bathroom

The bathroom can be painted in many ways. Although in many there are tiles it is also possible to have wall parts to paint. If we are going to paint the tiles to change them too, we must know that the paint for this type of surfaces is different from the walls and that we must be very careful with letting the paint drip, because it may look bad. In fact, one of the best alternatives is use a paint gun so that it is uniform. If we are going to paint walls, the process will be the same, with special anti-damp paint, to prevent it from cracking and falling. You have to cover the surfaces and floors to avoid staining and leave the air space so that we do not affect the vapors of the paint. Normally you have to apply two layers, leaving the first to dry well, so you can not use the bathroom in some time.

Bathrooms painted in dark tones

Bathrooms painted in dark tones

This is a very risky idea, because dark tones tend to tire quickly and also have some disadvantage, as they take light out of spaces and make them a little smaller in sight. That is why if we are going to paint the bathroom with a dark tone we should think about some details. On the one hand we have to use mirrors to reflect the light and multiply it. It is better to have natural light and avoid dark tones in bathrooms that do not have it. The toilets are better in white tones and the painted surface is better than it is small, like half wall or one side of the wall only.

Bathrooms painted in pastel colors

Pastel colors for the bathroom

The pastel shades are ideal for any bathroom , because they create a very simple and relaxing atmosphere, ideal to take a long bath. Pastel colors bring a lot of light and are also currently trend, so they are a good choice. From mint green to sky blue, pastel pink or light yellow. There are many and very nice shades to choose from for the bathroom.

Original painting

Original painting for the bathroom

It is possible to enjoy painting the bathrooms in an original way so that they are special and unique. It is clear that it is much easier to paint the walls with a uniform tone, but there are many other things that can be done with paint and that look great. In these baths we see two different ideas, although many other things can be created. The stripes are a pattern that never goes out of style, so they are perfect for any space at home. However, it must be said that it is a print that is made with paint is quite complicated, because making perfect lines and the same size is difficult, so in these cases usually used wallpaper. In the other case we have a pattern of paintings that have been done in a very informal way, matching the bathtub and other elements, in an intense yellow. It is a risky idea but of course nobody will have a bathroom like ours.

Painting and tiles

Bathrooms with paint and tiles

The bathroom can also be painted with a combination of painted walls and tiles . The white tiles are back in fashion, and they combine with any tone, so we can add the color we like the most to half the walls.

Wallpaper in the bathroom

Painted paper

Although it is not about painting, the truth is that the wallpaper is also a good option to create the most original and special bathrooms.