Bar bars for decorating your business

Bar bars

Nowadays in the world of hospitality it is possible to find a varied range of local : bars, cafes, pastry shops or ice cream parlors, with an interior design with attention to detail. There is a reason for this: to define well the style of a business and find the right materials and finishes to achieve it is key to the success of it.

The bar is one of the assets of this type of business, mentioned above. The materials, finishes, colors, as well as the lighting of the bar bars they are key to creating an environment conducive to the public and their enjoyment. If you are thinking about opening or reforming a business and do not know where to start, the bar bars that we show you today may inspire you.

Wooden bars

One of the most classic options but not for lack of validity is the wooden bar decorated with moldings. It is a safe bet for those who seek a traditional aesthetic for a bar or a cafeteria. But not the only proposal in wood with which you can give your business that warm and cogedor air that this material brings.

Bar bars 1

The horizontal planks with metal rivets bring an unmistakable rustic flavor to the bar. While those in clearer wood and arranged diagonally represent, today, a more modern setting. The first ones can be found mainly in breweries and bakeries, while the second ones abound in modern coffee shops and confectioneries.

Concrete bars

The concrete bar bars represent one of the cheaper alternatives of how many we show you today. They are a very successful proposal for establishments looking for an improvised or unfinished image. They fit perfectly with the industrial style and with a simple decoration of which pieces of wood or metal are protagonists.

Concrete bar bars

Brick bars

If you build the bar with bricks, why not leave them in sight? The usual thing is to cover the bricks but leave them in sight It is an economic alternative that can fit into your business. Watch the lighting and properly top the bar with a wooden or solid metal counter to win your customers.

Brick bar bars

Tile bars

In favor of this material is the immense variety of designs what it provides us. We can choose the size of the tiles, the motive and color of the same, as well as the pattern with which they will be arranged. Numerous variables that can give us a lot of game when defining the style of our premises.

Tile bar bars

He subway type tile of white color returns to charge a great prominence in bakeries and bars that seek to conquer a public lover of the vintage. Mosaic tiles, on the other hand, are favorites for places where cocktails are served because, thanks to color, they help create a relaxed and cheerful atmosphere. There are also places that dare with vibrant colors and bright finishes to achieve a modern and transgressive atmosphere.

Metal bars

It is not very common to find metal bar bars decorating coffee shops, but if night clubs . In these it is usual to coat the bar with metallic plates arranged one after the other creating a set with the anchoring screws. Normally metals such as steel or aluminum are used to shine and reflect the local lights.

Metal bar bars

In modern and minimalist premises with a daytime environment, on the other hand, the one-piece bars in aged materials or with rusty appearance charge a greater prominence. They are combined in this case with wooden countertops to provide warmth.

Stone or marble bars

The use of natural stones implies an important investment and therefore, a good budget . Marble is an expensive material, which is why we only see it in the bars of sophisticated premises aimed at an adult and exclusive public. These bars are usually complemented with walls covered in fine woods and ceramic floors with intricate patterns.

Stone or marble bar bars

In addition to this type of premises we can find natural stones in the bars of modern concept establishments , usually combined with other materials such as wood to provide warmth. They also play with her in bars with small bars, dedicated to confectionery and pastry.

Of exposed brick, wood, concrete, marble... The chosen materials they must be a consequence and never the driving force of a project. The bar design must be coherent, identify our premises and contribute to create the environment we want for it. That's what interior designers will recommend, no doubt, when facing a new project.

In Decoora we can not design your business but if you show different proposals, as we have done, that inspire you and help you to make decisions, for example, regarding the material to be used. Without forgetting that each business has its particularities and its public and you always have to keep them in mind.

Is there a proposal that has especially called your attention?