Balinese beds: maximum comfort in your garden

Balinese beds

The Balinese beds take us to places and spaces where it is always summer and it is easy to relax. We are used to seeing them in luxury resorts but not in our garden, why? Balinese beds are a great way to create a chill out corner in which to relax every day.

The Balinese beds not only provide a surface on which to rest, they also protect us from the sun thanks to its canopy. Place next to them a side table where you can place a refreshing drink and a good book and enjoy the outdoor comfort.

We are used to seeing Balinese beds in the hotel catalogs and in resorts located on luxurious Caribbean beaches. They are a very popular item on the private beaches and pools of these hotels, but they are not exclusive to them. Balinese beds are expensive, but the truth is that their cost is increasingly accessible, so we do not have to give up this privilege at home.

Balinese beds 1

Characteristics of Balinese beds

Traditionally inspired Balinese beds often have a structure similar to a four-poster bed. Its design in recent decades, however, has evolved towards cleaner and minimalist lines, losing itself on the road in some cases own characteristics of these beds.

  • Frame : Wood and steel are the most common materials for the frame. While the wood contributes to the beds a more traditional aspect, the steel prints modernity to them.
  • Legs: Traditional Balinese beds are supported on four legs in order to isolate the bed from the ground and protect it from moisture.
  • Canopy: Another feature of Balinese beds is that they usually incorporate a canopy. Dose that traditionally were made with lightweight fabrics that let in light and moved to the compass of the wind, but for which it is increasingly common to bet on another type of opaque fabric.

Characteristics of Balinese beds

The design of the Balinese beds has evolved and although they continue to maintain their original form they have updated and adapted its design to new needs. The contemporary Balinese beds have a lighter and more minimalist design and incorporate new features in order to provide maximum comfort. Characteristics such as:

  • Folding awnings in the top and back that allow you to open or close them easily and comfortably, so that nothing interrupts your moment of relaxation. They are also made in a fabric with high resistance to UV radiation, as well as moisture to prevent mold formation and bacterial contamination.
  • Beds with folding backrest to take a nap, sunbathe, read or relax in the most comfortable position for you.
  • Independent beds . You can read comfortably in an upright position while your companion take a nap. It is increasingly common for Balinese beds to have separate beds.
  • Mattress and pillows high density foam to provide you maximum isolation and comfort.
  • Waterproof covers , that you can wash in the washing machine and allows you to enjoy outside without worries.
  • accessories that increase the practicality of Balinese beds as extractable bedside tables.

Types according to the material of the structure

The frame on which the mattress is located can be built with different materials, being the most common wood, steel and aluminum. These materials will not only influence the image of the same, you will also affect the final price. But these are not the only materials present in Balinese beds; synthetic rattan lining is gaining great prominence due to its versatility and resistance.

Balinese wood beds

Balinese wood beds are the most similarities with traditional Balinese beds. They have, however, a more refined style than those of yesteryear. They replace the roof of two or four waters by one textile and present more straight and neat lines.

Balinese wood beds

As for the canopy, the Balinese wooden beds are also the most traditional. They usually have an awning on the roof and fastening tapes along the upper structure of those hanging light fabrics that the breeze wobbles at will creating a very bohemian and relaxed atmosphere.

Balinese metal beds

The Balinese beds with steel or aluminum structure have a more modern finish. They are visually lighter and fit very well in contemporary minimalist style environments. To print warmth to them, it is enough to incorporate cushions in warmer materials or more cheerful colors.

Balinese beds with metal structure

In this type of beds it is usual to replace the classic canopy with awnings of thermal materials that protect us from UV rays. Awnings that open and close easily and do not dance with the wind, thus ensuring a good rest. Systems like the one that you can see in the central proposal of the superior image and that works, among others, the Ezpeleta signature.

Synthetic rattan balinese beds

Synthetic rattan is the fashionable material when it comes to decorating outdoor spaces; It is versatile, resistant and durable. It has the warmth of wood but at the same time it brings the modernity of steel. It can also be presented in different colors, being able to give a very personal touch to our garden.

Balinese beds of ratan

The rattan is used as a coating, usually on a steel structure. It is common to find it both in the base of the Balinese beds and in the posts, as can be seen in the images above. Beige, brown, gray and black are the most frequent colors, but not the only ones.

Balinese beds are a great option to relax in the garden, but they are not available to everyone. From 500 € Balinese beds can be found with very simple designs, but it is between 1200 and 3000 where we find a larger selection.