Antimosquitos for your home, do not get bitten!


With the heat mosquitoes come into our homes. The persistent buzz of these and the annoying itch that cause their bites, make sleeping loose is a dangerous subject. To avoid these annoyances and to fight them is in our hands; We should only use the Suitable anti-mosquito solutions .

What are these solutions? From time to time new forms appear to win the battle against mosquitoes. Biological and biochemical repellents have been the most popular for years. However, today there are more modern formats such as Electric mosquitoes, Which do not require chemicals.

Mosquito bites

Humidity, heat And high temperatures favor the appearance of mosquitoes. In coastal areas, mountainous areas and in those places with rivers and stagnant waters are more numerous, but we can also find them in big cities. They become a problem during the summer, especially for those who develop some kind of allergic reaction to their bites.

Mosquito 1

Mosquitoes do not sting at all, they are selective! There are always those who every summer suffer their bites and who are saved from them. The main Consequences of the sting Are inflammation, itching and pain. However, they do not affect everyone equally, and the symptoms of a reaction to the sting can be summarized in three cases:

  • Normal reaction: During the 48 hours following the bite appear Small swellings Which disappear by themselves, without needing to be treated.
  • Allergic reaction: Urticaria, bruising and swelling Of the throat are some of the symptoms. It is common for large areas of itching to appear.
  • Illness: Bites cause symptoms such as headaches, fever, rashes, nausea, body aches and fatigue that make us see the doctor.

Given the symptoms that the bites can cause, the most sensible is to prevent them using a combination of mosquito nets and insecticides; One of the most effective measures in the prevention of mosquito bites.

Types of antimosquitos

Biological repellents such as DEET and biochemicals such as citronella, citrodiol or vanillin have been the most used for decades. Researchers, however, have not stopped Develop new ways To give battle to the mosquitoes. More effective and ecological ways such as electric mosquitoes.

Cutaneous repellents

Cutaneous repellents

Cutaneous repellents are those that are applied to the skin. Although there is some fear of the possible negative consequences of using this component in the body, allergic reactions are not very frequent. The most effective among cutaneous repellents are DEET and picaridin. At lower concentrations, picaridin is more effective, however, it usually offers a shorter protection time than DEET. Another advantage of pyridine versus DEET is that the former does not degrade plastics or nylon.

Vaporized mosquitoes

Vaporized repellents

Vaporized antimosquitos have been part of our homes for decades. Liquids or pills , The chances of mosquito bite decrease. They are not as effective as the repellents mentioned above and there are increasing resistance to them, but they are still the most popular.

The tablets are effective in reduced rooms, in which they prolong their effect approximately twelve hours. Those of liquid format have a longer action; Can last Up to 45 nights , Keeping it on for ten hours each day. They also offer us another advantage: they do not require direct contact with the insecticide.

It's solutions are Comfortable and relatively effective , However, it is not recommended to use them in places with little ventilation, or near people who have respiratory problems or allergies that affect the airways.

Antimosquitos El├ęctricos

Electric mosquito nets

Electrical anti-mosquitoes have been The last to arrive. Connected to the electric current, they attract mosquitoes through ultraviolet light and / or mimic the stimuli that attract them to us. Once trapped, mosquitoes die by electric shock. In the market it is possible to find a wide variety of electrical antimosquitos that differ in size, radius of action and system of elimination of the insects.

The advantage of the electric antimosquitos versus the vaporized ones is that Do not need chemicals To kill mosquitoes. They are therefore suitable for homes with babies, children or pets. In addition, many of the models can be used both indoors and outdoors, and can also protect our garden.

Other anti-mosquito remedies

There are other solutions to keep our Mosquito free homes . Combining certain hygiene guidelines at home with some of the anti-mosquito solutions is indeed the key to protect us from your presence. We give you some keys:

  • Remove those containers that can accumulate water and thus eliminate potential mosquito breeding grounds.
  • Cover litter bins and do not leave covers or dishes without washing.
  • Treat your pets against fleas and ticks and keep them clean.
  • Put mosquito nets on the windows. In order to avoid mosquitoes, the pore of the mosquito nets should be 1.2 mm x 1.2 mm.
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