An English house with eclectic style

Living room with eclectic style

There are homes that have a lot of charm, and that serve to give us a lesson on how to combine styles and create totally new, creative and amazing things. This English house has achieved an eclectic style In which combine antique furniture with modern pieces, color with dark tones and sobriety with cheerful touches.

We love these inspirations because they help us Open the mind in question of decoration . Thus we do not stay in the usual styles and innovate with much more creative things. An old house can become a modern place and very cool if you choose well all the elements.

Salon with eclectic style

If there is something that surprises much of this home is that in general it seems a Old house that has been restored , And that the spaces have been decorated in very different ways. In some they have painted the walls, in others they have put the emphasis on the furniture, adding new pieces and restoring old pieces. It is a place where there are many details to look at. From the mixture of shades and prints on the armchairs to the paintings and decorative elements like that original table.

Entry in eclectic style

A tour of this house surprises anyone, and is that until the Entrance is eye-catching . If an old wooden staircase might seem dull and old-fashioned, they have been able to add just furniture, with a vintage outdoor table, a modern nordic style chair, a nice colorful picture that contrasts with the dark walls and a lovely crystal.

Eclectic style in dining room

This dining room seems much simpler than the rest of the spaces, since it seems to be inspired by the Scandinavian style . It emphasizes that nice bench with upholstery of mixed flowers and stripes.

Blue bedroom in eclectic style Gray bedroom in eclectic style

In the dormitories the use of few details, with Vintage furniture . The color is the most striking, with gray or blue tones on the walls, and with lively textiles, such as pink sofas and yellow curtains.

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