Advantages and uses of tilt and turn windows

Advantages and uses of tilt and turn windows

Do you sound the Tilt windows ? They may not be familiar with your name, but in the photographs we perfectly recognize a type of modern windows that are certainly much more functional, because it has two possibilities of turning when opening them. These windows have their advantages, their disadvantages and their reason for being.

We can install in the home this type of windows, which allow a Great ventilation Of all the spaces opening the windows in great and small angles that allow us to save energy. They certainly have advantages, but also some disadvantages, so take note of all this to know if they are the right ones for your home.


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  • 2 Advantages of tilt-and-turn windows
  • 3 Disadvantages of tilt-and-turn windows
  • 4 Models in oscillating windows
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What are tilt and turn windows?

The tilt-and-turn windows are a novelty in windows that can be seen in more homes. It has the property of being able to open from different angles, Vertical or horizontal shape. With a single handle we can open the window on two sides. In the vertical angle it usually opens up to about 180 degrees, and horizontally about 45 degrees, allowing to regulate the amount of air and currents. They are windows that are also modern because it is a fairly current design, in front of the usual windows that open vertically or sliding.

Advantages of tilt-and-turn windows

Tilt and turn windows

The great advantage of tilt-and-turn windows is the energy saving At the time of airing the house. In summer we have the air conditioning and in winter the heating. Bad insulation causes both heat and fresh air to be lost, so we need good windows. In addition to closing in a way that does not pass the heat or the cold, we can open them in a controlled way, causing the air to circulate but do not lose too much heat or cold, depending on the time of year.

The Security is another thing For which we opted for this type of windows. If we have pets or children at home, they are the best, since we can have them open by the horizontal without danger of falling. These windows will always allow us to leave them open without risk to those who live at home, so they are much better in this aspect than traditional windows.

The Aesthetics is also important , Since we can add this flip opening feature to windows that are swinging without changing their appearance. If we are including them totally new at home, we have a large number of finishes for them, since nowadays we can find them in many materials. They are durable windows with a beautiful aesthetic that also have a simple maintenance and are easily cleaned.

Disadvantages of tilt-and-turn windows

The big disadvantage that can be seen in this type of windows Is the cost , Since it is usually higher due to the opening system, which is more complex. But if we want to have more possibilities when opening the windows, and also an energy saving compared to other windows, then this system is the most appropriate. We can have a great savings in energy so we can compensate for the long term.

Models in oscillating windows

Advantages and uses of tilt and turn windows

These windows have an opening in two directions, and usually have a single handle on the vertical and central part, from which regulates the side that opens. There are several types of windows depending on the material in which they are made. The Wood is one of them , And it is a natural material with a nice and warm finish, although it needs a lot more maintenance than other models of windows, since it is a material that is deteriorating with the sun, so it will give us a little more work.

He PVC is another of the materials Which are used for these windows. They have the great advantage that there are many finishes and colors in this material, so they fit anywhere. They are easy to maintain in the long term and have a great capacity of soundproofing, the main advantage for which they are chosen.

One last thing to talk about It's aluminum , In which the vast majority of windows are made. Its great resistance and the power of isolation makes it one of the most chosen for windows. They withstand very well the climatic changes and are perfect to isolate, with the consequent energetic saving.

Installation of swing windows

We can install the windows Oscillators of zero Or from windows that are oscillating. In the second case the window closure mechanism is simply changed, making it much more versatile. In the first case the cost is much higher, but as we say, this system can help us to save on the energy expenditure of the house, so it is a great idea for the long term.

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