Advantages and ideas for incorporating folding beds


Who has not cared about the lack of space in the home? There are many houses where there is not enough room in a bedroom for everything we need, so we have to think of solutions that are practical and that allow us to take advantage of the available square meters in the best possible way. This is where the Practical folding beds Of which we are going to speak today.

There are many Folding bed models , And they are an idea that is used more and more. They hide easily and we can use them whenever we want, without too much complication. So they are the best alternative for a house in which there is not much space in the bedrooms.

Advantages of folding beds

Folding bed 1

The main advantage of folding beds is that We save a lot of space And we always have an extra bed or even one that we use frequently but we can hide when we want to use the room. These beds hide to the wall, and leave us plenty of space. It's a great idea if we need to move a bedroom to a sports area, play area for the kids or a meeting. It allows us to modify the spaces and their usefulness quickly and simply, with a single gesture, because nowadays these folding beds are collected easily and without almost effort. Just pick up the legs while lifting the bed and folding it following, so as not to knock the furniture. With this simple gesture we will have more room in the bedroom.

When to choose a folding bed

Folding bed 2

The folding bed is always a good choice for any home, since we do not know when we will have visitors. Having a folding bed gives us a Little more capacity For guests, but it's also a good idea if we have kids. Both we can add it for your friends and to increase the family. It is a furniture that will always be useful, because when we do not use it will not take up too much space.

The folding bed unit

Folding cabinet

These folding beds always come in a piece of furniture, which we can take advantage of as Storage . Overall, they have a top that makes it look comfortable. This is the case for the simplest beds. We can use the top to put things, whether storage baskets or something to decorate.

At other times, this piece of furniture is much more complete. Is a Built-in furniture that can have shelves In which to store things. When the beds are lowered, we will see that it is like a normal closet. In this way we have a piece of furniture that can go unnoticed, as if there were no beds the rest of the time.

Double beds for shared rooms

Folding beds

If you have a shared room you do not have the space left over. It is difficult to add Two beds in one room Of brothers, but if we also have very little space is even worse. The important thing in these cases is to use practical solutions such as that of folding beds. These beds are perfect for double rooms, since they will occupy a place during the night, but for the day we can save them so that the children have their play space. In this way we can have everything in the same bedroom even if the space is reduced. A furniture with two beds can also be useful if the children bring a friend to sleep.

Folding beds in the living room

Folding bed in the living room

If you do not want to have a folding bed in the bedroom so you do not share it, you can always Add one in the living room . This is perfect if you want to have a kind of guest room in the living room. With just open the bed and you will have a space to sleep, turning the living room into a bedroom in a single gesture. The rest of the time the folding bed will look like another piece of furniture in the living room so it will not spoil the decor.

Single folding beds

Contemporary folding bed

Between these folding beds we can find Furniture for a single bed . We must always make sure that the measures are more than sufficient for the people who are going to use it, so that they are not uncomfortable. These are undoubtedly the best-selling beds of these folding models, because they are mainly used to have more capacity in a bedroom, rather as extra bed than as main bed.

Folding beds, how to decorate them

Double folding bed

These folding beds are hidden most of the time if we do not use them. However, we can always have linens in order to Dress them easily And that are much more welcoming. It is important to have the mattress covered and aerate it from time to time so that it does not get moisture. Adjustable sheaths and sheets are always the best choice. That way we will not have problems getting out when we save the bed. We can simply add a Nordic and some cushions to have the bed made in an instant.

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