A rustic house in the hills

Rustic house

This house in Gippsland, a large rural region of Australia, has one of the most charming interiors you have ever seen. Surrounded by rolling hills and lush nature, the Rustic decoration Chosen for each stay, could not be more accurate.

The large windows allow to enjoy the spectacular views and let abundant natural light. The Wooden furniture And the natural fabrics contribute to create more warm and welcoming spaces. And what about the fireplace and the wood-burning oven? In addition to keeping the spaces caliintes, they take a great prominence as far as the decoration is concerned.

If I dreamed of escaping from the city, with a country life that allowed me to be in contact with nature, this would probably be the house I would have dreamed of. As a lover of the kitchen, I can not but envy the work that has been done with this space. The oven and the large Solid wood island , Print charm to space.

Country house 1

So do the vintage stools and the collection of copper pans that decorate the wall. The rustic kitchen buys space with the living room; The wooden floors create continuity between both spaces. It serves to delimit both environments the wood fireplace and frames the living area one Beautiful and warm carpet In which different motifs are combined.

In addition to the common areas have drawn my attention in that rustic house, the rooms. He Quilt made of scraps Of the main room, prints personality to space. So does the table made of wooden boxes; There is another similar in the room do not you think an idea to copy?

And we ended our tour in the incredible rustic style bathroom. Wood and terrazzo Allow us to easily distinguish two areas: the washbasin full of details and amazing color notes and the bathtub, with incredible views. It should not be hard to relax in this house.

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