A children's room with the green color as protagonist

Indian green and themed color in children's room

Ideas in children's rooms are endless, and we always find an idea that we like a lot, and that makes us want to change decoration instantly. This time we focus on the green color And in the Indian theme, which is very fashionable, to offer a childlike decoration with great taste.

The tipis, the pens and the arrows are reflected like illustrations in the textiles of this room, with a great result. First for baby's crib, and later to create the Children's bedroom When they grow up. It is an issue that is not out of fashion, and green both serves for children as for girls.

Green color in children's room

In the Baby's crib You can put a nice light duvet, sheets and cushions. A matching garland is the ideal complement. In a room in white color we can include textiles in any tone, combining all the pieces. Here green is used as the main tone, but there are also gray or black.

Green children's room

For when the cradle no longer serves the child, you can convert it into an armchair for your room or the playroom. It is the perfect piece for a Reading corner . With comfortable cushions with textiles you will have a very cozy place to rest or read.

Green Room

On the other hand, Collection of cushions , With many reasons, like the arrows or geometric prints that combine perfectly, in spite of being very different. They are details that give life to the room, and create that look so welcoming that is charming.

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