A charming country house


Here we not only give advice and ideas for your decoration, trends and all kinds of inspiration. We also show you places that we think are great. Houses and corners Which almost gave us envy, and which we would like to have for ourselves. Obviously, they also serve as inspiration, but from time to time it is great to see real houses, with spaces full of life.

This little country house Is a very small place, with all the space taken advantage of, and certainly with a lot of charm. The ideal country house always has a rustic touch, but there is room for many other trends, such as vintage or industrial style, with touches that say much of the personality of those who live in them. Let's find out.

This space we like both outside and inside. Outside You will see a wooden house, in white color and with that traditional reddish roof. It has a wonderful porch, where it is possible to rest with the air and the views from the outside. In it everything is very simple, with a simple table of aged aspect and a rustic wooden bench. The touches that break with that incredibly rustic style are the metal flowerpots of the entrance, very original, that go with the lamps, also of metal.

Country house 1

In its inside We discovered a decoration that has a lot to do with its exterior. Fully painted in white, with wood and with windows to provide light and a feeling of greater breadth. They also have everything well taken advantage of, with a kitchen area near the bathroom, where there are also storage shelves. The bedroom is a very nice place, with those textiles perfectly chosen, with vichy print, and with that beautiful rustic bench. Throughout the house they use industrial-style lamps in white.

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