5 tables with folding sheets for small kitchens

Tables with folding leaves
When it comes to Decorate our home , The kitchen is probably the most time spent. As a place where much of the family life goes, we want the kitchen to be practical and enjoyable. Something that is more complicated to achieve when the space is very small, but not impossible!

The Tables with folding leaves They become a great ally when it comes to decorating a small kitchen. With the fallen leaves allow us to save space and simply lift them to gather at the table up to 6 people. In Decoora we show you today 5 tables with folding leaves to decorate your kitchen!

  1. Span Gate Dining Table ( Price 291.63 € ). Designed by Mark Daniel for the signature Slate Design, this folding table is made of wood and finished in different colors: white, black and mint. The table opens up to a length of 166 cm, which can accommodate up to four people. With an open leaf holds up to two, while Closed functions as a console Of 24cm. Of depth.

Tables with folding sheets 1

  1. Slide bistro table ( Price 291.63 € ). Designed by Jason Lewis, this Polished white table Is specially designed for small spaces. Closed its dimensions are: 101/76/60 cm. Open the 60cm they become 120cm, being able to accommodate up to 4 diners. The chairs are intentionally designed to fit the table, as if they formed a unit.

Tables with folding wings

  1. Holly & Martin Driness Drop Leaf Table ( Price 324,52 € ). Made of birch wood, this table With rustic appearance Is not only attractive but versatile. When the leaves are raised, the table makes it possible to sit six people. Another key to the table is its legs, arranged at an angle to leave room for the legs of our guests. When folding sheets fall, the table can be accommodated in a relatively small space (160/72 / 31x80cm).

Folding wing tables 2

  1. IKEA PS 2012 ( Price ratio 149 € ): This table for 2-4 diners of Ikea, has a Bamboo board Very resistant. Thanks to its small size, 79/114/150 × 79 cm, the table can be used in any space, even if it is reduced. Their combined colors, also give a contemporary look, appropriate for any style of kitchen.
  1. Möckelby ( Price ratio 349 € ): The folding table Möckelby for 2-4 diners, you can find it also in the Ikea catalog. It is a table with solid wood board, very resistant and thanks to the Natural variations of the grain And color, unique. Its size is identical to the previous 79/114/150 × 79 cm.

The tables with folding leaves are very practical for Decorate confined spaces Whether this is the kitchen or the dining room. With the sheets folded and arranged against the wall, they do not rob us of useful space. Open, on the other hand, allow us to accommodate up to 6 people. A good alternative, right?

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