4 decorative ideas using clothespins

4 decorative ideas using clothespins

Who do not have Clothing clips at home? I'll teach you that with something so simple and everyday you can create 4 decorative objects Of wood, and some would not even guess what they are actually made of.


To perform the 4 ideas You will of course need the Clothing clips of wood. In addition, you will also need the following materials , Although this will also depend on the craftsmanship you have chosen to create.

  • Glass jar
  • Silicone
  • Rope
  • Beads
  • Rope
  • Can of soda
  • Cutter
  • Crystal glass
  • Tea candle
  • Wood plank
  • White paint
  • Painting of blackboard or black paint chalk
  • Brush
  • Scotch tape
  • Aquamarine and coral acrylic painting
  • Silicone Gun

Step by Step

In the next video-tutorial You can see what materials you should use in each of the ideas, as well as the elaboration process Of all of them. You will see that they are very Simple , Can do them all and the results are very good. Check it out on the following video .

Have you seen how fast they all do and how easy they are to work out? Surely you already have your favorite, so that you can do it if problem and so you do not forget any of the Steps Then we will review them in each of the Crafts And I'll show you the result Also in photos.


To make the Boats or Organizers You must remove a few tweezers from the clothes. Paste them Around a tall glass tong of the tongs. Do it with silicone Cold or hot, as you prefer. With the Jute rope Creates some lines surrounding the boat, just through the grooves of the tongs. Set them well with the adhesive.

To do it top Pick up your jute rope and cover it with it, creating circles to complete it. If you want you can make a handle Folding the rope up in the center of the cap, before circling it whole.

4 Decorative Ideas Using Clothespins 1

Notes holder

Perhaps this idea is the one that requires more time and more materials, but it's really worth it. You must paint A white wooden board. When drying the paint delimits the zones creating five squares with the aid of the adhesive tape. Paint the holes with Slate painting And let it dry completely.

While the paint is dry you can paint 5 color clips , And simply glue them with silicone under each of the squares. This way you can write what you want in the boxes and hook a note to the clip. You will have a organizer Totally customized.

4 Decorative Ideas Using Clothes Clips 2


The candleholder Always look good in any corner. This is very simple to do and we will be betting on the recycling . Nail clipper can For a little lower of its half with a cutter. You simply have to hook the clothespins all over the edge.

In order to candle , Before introducing a crystal glass , In this way we make sure that we do not burn the wood of the tongs. And you will have ready candleholder .

4 decorative ideas using clothespins 3 4 Decorative Ideas Using Clothes Clips 4


Let's decorate ourselves too. To make the Pendants Disassemble the clothespins as you have done in the idea of ​​the boat, but this time we will use the Metallised part Of the clamp, instead of the wood.

What you should do is hook a trinket At the ends the wire, and pass the cord or rope Through the hole of the dock. This way you can tie it around your neck like a pendant or a necklace, and you can see the pendant hanging from the metal part.

4 Decorative Ideas Using Garment Clips 5 4 decorative ideas using clothespins 6

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